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YOUTH SHOW 01 15 2005 - 2005-01-18


· Yvette Umugwaneza filed a report from Gisenyi, Rwanda, about difficulties refugee children face in Nkamira refugee camp. One of these difficulties is being able to go back to school. The children complain that no one is helping them to integrate school in their host country.

· In Lukole refugee camp in Tanzania, it is not easy for children to go to school. Schools are not enough and they don’t have qualified teachers. But as Yvonne Nizeyimana reported, the worse thing is tht the very few children who struggle and manage to finish high school in the camp do not have the means to go on to college and they are pleading with any organization that can help to help them pursue their goals because they say “refugee children have dreams too”.


· In his report from Nyamirambo in Kigali Rwanda. Olivier Isata filed a report about the progress school children made during the last school year. He said that those who took the test to enter high school, the numbers jumped from 21% to 28%.

· Jean-Baptiste Nimubona filed a report in which he said that children who live in transit centers and homes do not have a good happy family life because they spend their time trying to survive and do not have the privacy and time to concentrate on their family values.

Drama / Rwanda “ AMAYAGWA ” Epis. 42 ( #11 of 04-05 )

Scene of young Burundian children talking about the use of drugs among youth. They talk about the bad consequences of using drugs like exposing them to diseases including HIV. These youngsters urge every child to stay away from drugs and stay in school.

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