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YOUTH SHOW - 2005-01-07


· In Kanembwa refugee camp in Tanzania, orphan refugee children do not always get well treated by their adoptive families. Moise Iradukunda filed a report from the camp about aid workers who are trying to help those orphans.

· In his report from Rwanda, “Ejo Bite?” youth reporter Olivier Isata said that problems refugee children and their parents face are getting more and more difficult to solve due to the fact that authorities in the country do not want those problems to be nown by refusing the media to talk freely to the refugee children.


· From Lukole refugee camp in Tanzania, Yvonne Nizeyimana sent a report about the decision taken recently buy the World Food Program to reduce the food ratio it gives to refugees in that camp. Yvonne said that refugee children whose health is not good to start with will get worse because of this decision.

· Yvette Umugwaneza filed a report from Gikongoro, Rwanda, talking about how children are getting ready to start a new school year after three months of vacation. Yvette said that underprivileged children are struggling by doing all sorts of job to earn money for school supplies. Drama / Burundi “ AMAYAGWA ”

Scene of refugee children returning home but are not welcome by their relatives they find home. As a matter of fact, these children are unwanted by their relatives who don’t want the children to get the land left by their parents. These orphans returning to their home country from refugee camps are asking for their right to their parents land to be respected.

The Ejo Bite Team

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