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YOUTH SHOW  12 17 2004 - 2004-12-17


· From Nkamira refugee camp in Gisenyi Rwanda, Yvette Umugwaneza filed a report on Congolese refugee children who are complaining about leaving school and not having any hope to go back to school while leaving in refugee camp.

· In Lukole refugee camp, Tanzania, young refugees are being taught to the importance of getting tested for HIV/AIDS so that they can know how to behave themselves. Yvonne Nizeyimana filed the report.

YOUTH TOPIC · “Ejo Bite?” youth reporter Oliier Isata sent a report about how Congolese refugee youth in Gihembe camp commemorated the International Aids Day. Olivier said that the day was commemorated by calling upon all pregnant women to get tested for the virus so that they can protect their babies.

· Lucine Nsabimana filed a report from Burundi talking about the inheritance issue that girls face. She said that by tradition only boys are supposed to inherit from their parents which is now dividing families.

Drama / Rwanda “ NTAKIVURIRA ” Epis. 44 ( #13 of 2004 )

Scene of an ex refugee child now back in his country. The child is all alone without any family member or friend and he is looking for a family that can take him in and fortunately he finds one.

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