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YOUTH SHOW  11 06 2004 - 2004-11-05


*From Mutabila refugee camp in Tanzaniya, Levis Ndihokubwayo filed a report on the difficulties refugee children are facing now that the new school year has started. Levis said that school facilities are not enough but their sanitary conditions are to be desired. Teachers are not sufficient and most of them are not even well trained for the teaching job. Levis also said that because of the malnourishment of refugee children, a good number of them do not have the strength to evenattend scholl.

*Rwanda youth reporter Yvette Umugwaneza visited the Gihembe refugee camp in Rwanda where she filed a report on a new Nutrition Center recently set up in the camp. This center helps to feed malnourished refugee children and pregnant women.


*In her report from Lukole 1 refugee camp in Tanzaniya, Yvonne Nizeyimana talked about a new Art school built by NPA a Norwegian Humanitarian Organization. The school will help refugee children learn some skills that will help them take care of themselves in the future.

*In Rwanda, young artists have made a big step in making their talents known. Rwanda youth reporter Olivier Isata talked to a group of young musicians/singers who have soon to be released album which being produced in Germany. Drama / Burundi “ AMAYAGWA ” Epis. 41 ( #10 of 2004 ) Scene of children orphans of war and HIV/AIDS try to comfort one of them who is living with HIV. These children are trying to put together an association that will support those living with HIV/AIDS and that will especially teach those not infected how to protect themselves and how to not discriminate those who are.

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