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YOUTH SHOW  10 30 2004 - 2004-10-29

*PSA: After almost two months, an interdisciplinary team of UN experts have been unable to identify the killers of 160 Congolese Tutsi refugees on 13 August at the Gatumba transit camp on the Burundi side of the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The report recommended that the Burundian government and the International Criminal Court continue investigations. (source: IRIN)


*Olivier Isata filed a report about how the more than 2,600 Congolese refugees who recntly arrived in the Kigeme refugee camp, Rwanda, are now living in very bad conditions while awaiting help from UNHCR.

*In her report from Lukole refugee camp, Tanzania, Yvonne Akimana talked about the outrageous behavior refugee children get from taking drugs, a behavior which sometimes threatens the security and well being of other refugees in the camp.


*Yvette Umugwaneza sent a report in which she said that the majority of the Kinyarwanda speaking Congolese who keep fleeing Congo to Rwanda are children and women. Yvette said that the well being of these children and women is alarming.

*Street children who try to work and support themselves get the respect they deserve. Lucine Nsabimana, youth reporter, talked to street children who are now working as security guards for cars in the town of Bujumbura. Drama / Burundi “ AMAYAGWA ” Epis. 40 ( #09 of 2004 ) Scene of repatriated refugee children tackling the subject of HIV/AIDS. One of them decided to get tested for HIV and just found out that she is infected with the virus. Her friends are encouraging her to not give up on life because today there are many ways for a person living with HIV/AIDS by taking medication and eating properly and most of all by the love and support of society.

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