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YOUTH SHOW - 2004-08-24


*Yvette Umugwaneza sent a report about a religious congregation of nuns in Kigali which is helping Rwandan deaf children to learn how to read and count like normal children.

*Jean-Baptiste Nimubona filed a report on the distress Banyamulenge children are in after the attack on the Gatumba refugee camp in Bujumbura in which almost 160 Banyamulenge were massacred. Some of the children are traumatized and others are suffering from malnutrition because of the lack of enough breas milk.


*In his report from Kigali,Rwanda, Olivier Isata talked the reaction of Rwandan youth to the killings of Banyamulenge refugee children in Burundi. These young Rwandans said that the recent massacre of Banyamulenge is a tragedy which the international community has stop from ever happening again. Rwandan President Kagame echoed the youth’s comments and went on to reassure the Banyamulenge refugees living in Rwanda that what happened in Burundi will never happen in Rwanda.

*From Mtabila refugee camp in Tanzania, Pierre Niyonkuru sent a report in which he talked about how the creation of different organizations in the camp helps refugee children to have some hope for a better future.

Drama / Burundi “ AMAYAGWA ” Epis. 35 ( #04 of 2004 )

Scene of Burundian refugee children tackling the idea of returning to their home country Burundi after years in exile. Some of the children are orphans and are torn between the idea of returning home with no family to go to and the horrifying idea of staying in the refugee camp.

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