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YOUTH PROGRAM 05 14 2004 - 2004-05-18


*In his report from Kigali, Olivier Isata talked about the teachings that former Rwandan children soldiers, who had fled to neighboring Congo, are getting. These children say that the rehabilitation is having a very positive impact on their lives.

*Pierre Nkurunziza sent a report, from the Lukole refugee camp in Tanzania, on how some western movies that refugee children watch have a bad influence on their behavior. YOUTH TOPIC

*Yvette Umugwaneza filed a report on the cildren summit held in Kigali, Rwanda. She said that the main points addressed buy the children attending the conference were: children human rights especially their rights to family and education, children involvement in decision making and children’s representation in government institutions. BURUNDI DRAMA / Amayagwa y’ Urwaruka : Epis.26

Scene of young Burundians trying to learn more about HIV/AIDS so that they can pass the information to others. These young Burundians want to teach their peers how they can protect themselves against HIV/AIDS and also how to help those living with the virus.

RWANDA DRAMA / Ntakivurira : Epis.11 (Rerun)

Scene of former refugee children, now back in their country Rwanda, remember how miserably they were living in refugee camps. They say how happy they are to be back in school and vow to study hard to have a better future. But some of these former refugee children who are living with HIV/AIDS still have to overcome the issue of discriminated against.

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