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YOUTH PROGRAM 05 08 2004 - 2004-05-10


*In her report from the Lukole refugee camp in Tanzania, Jacqueline Ndayiziga talked about how some of the orphans are not well treated by their foster families. *Yvette Umugwaneza sent a report about worries that Kinyarwanda speaking Congolese children have of possible new ethnic killings in the Eastern Congo. These children say that their families are being discriminated against because they are of Rwandan origin and say that calls for discrimination are being broadcast onradios, newspaper and the internet.


*Gentille Ntibagirigwa talked about the consequences of parents living in poverty. As Gentille said, one the consequences is that children lack attention and affection from their parents, which disrupts their development. *Last week, an extraordinary meeting was held by children in Kigali, Rwanda. The meeting was a first in the country and was about peace and reconciliation from the children perspective. The meeting gave Rwandan children a rare opportunity to express and discuss in their own words their experiences ten years after the genocide and give their ideas on how to reconcile the country.

Many of the children delegates attending the meeting said that the most important lesson they learned from the meeting is that forgiveness is the key to building the future. They committed to taking that lesson to their peers in their respective villages in the country. Each village was represented by two children, a girl and a boy. The children had a chance to meet and discuss with Rwandan president Paul Kagame.

RWANDA DRAMA / Ntakivurira : Epis.31

A scene of young Rwandan orphans head of families. These orphans lost their parents either to war or Aids. They suddenly became responsible for their siblings while still very young themselves. These children head of families are lamenting about all their families’ responsibilities they have to carry on their shoulders by themselves which prevents them to do normal things a

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