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YOUTH SHOW 4 24 2004 - 2004-04-24


*During his recent visit in Washington, Rwanda president Paul kagame send a message to Rwanda and Burundi refugee children and displaced children. He said that unfortunately children are the ones who suffer most during armed conflicts caused by adults. President Kagame urged parents who are still living in refugee camps to take their children and go back home because he says now there is peace in the country and children can go back their normal life.

*Yvette Umugwaneza fileda report on the recent visit of VOA director Jackson and Governor Kauffman to Rwanda and the Lukole refugee camp in Ngara, Tanzania. The visit was mainly about the assessment of the impact of the Youth Program “ Ejo Bite? “ in the region. YOUTH TOPIC

*In her report from the Lukole refugee camp in Tanzania, Jacqueline Ndayiziga talked about the problem of promiscuity among young people in the camp.

*Olivier Isata sent a report about the continuing return home of Rwandan refugees coming back from exile in other countries like Uganda. Olivier said that the majority of those going back home are children.

RWANDA DRAMA / Ntakivurira : Epis.29

A scene of young Rwandans talking about the issue of using drugs among youth. The talk about the bad consequences of taking drugs and urge all young people to stay away from them.

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