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YOUTH SHOW 03 20 2004 - 2004-04-12


*In his report, Olivier Isata talked about the complaints of Burundian refugees in Rwanda. He said that the Burundian refugees living in Rwanda organized demonstrations in front the office of the UNHCR in Kigali. Among their complaints as they say is the fact that UNHCR refuses to take them to refugee camps and are forced to live on their own with no assistance at all.

*From Lukole refugee camp in Ngara Tanzania, Pierre Niyonkuru filed a report on how refugee children do not gt enough food because their parents sometimes have to sell some of the food they get from humanitarian agencies to take care of other family needs.


*In her report, Yvette Umugwaneza talked about how Rwanda refugee children, who recently came back home Congo-Brazzaville where they were exiled, are trying to adjust to their new life.

*Jean-Baptiste Nimubona filed a report from Burundi in which he talked about the problem Burundian youth face while trying to survive by doing small jobs. He said that these children have to endure the harassment caused by adults.


A scene of young ex-Rwandan refugee girl who is pregnant and wonders she is going to get through the pregnancy without even having something to eat and a place to sleep. Some of her friends try to help her but it is not enough. So the girl advises other young girls to not be like her, to stay away from having sexual relations until they are old enough to take care of themselves.

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