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YOUTH PROGRAM  03 27 2004 - 2004-03-27


*Olivier Isata sent a report on a recent distribution of VOA lifeline radios to children head of families in Nyamata, Rwanda. These radios are part of the Youth Refugee Radio Initiative.

*In her report, Gentille Ntibagirigwa talked about the consequences of the Burundian teachers’ three months strike. She said that during the three months of wondering, children were exposed to many dangers. One those dangers is rape. Gentille talked about the ordeal of a girl who was raped. YOUTH TOPIC

*Yvette Umugwaneza sent a report on the miserable life of orphan children living alone in Nyamata, Kigali Ngari. She said that some of those children are genocide orphans, others are AIDS orphans.

*Jean-Baptiste Nimubona filed a report from Burundi in which he talked about how ex-refugee children, when they go back home, are warmly welcome back into their villages by those they left behind. DRAMA / BURUNDI: “NTAKIVURIRA” Epis.27

A scene of Rwandan children trying to bring closer to them and help other children who were traumatized by the horrors of the genocide. These children say that everybody should be involved in helping children survivors.

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