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YOUTH SHOW 02 28 2004 - 2004-02-28


*Jean-Baptiste Nimubona sent a report from Bujumbura, Burundi talking about children and cellular phones. He said that children who own cell phones tend to not concentrate on their studies which cause them to fail in school.

*From Byumba, Rwanda, Yvette Umugwaneza filed a report on a new initiative taken by refugee youth in the Gihembe camp, an initiative of setting up their own way of publishing news in the camp. YOUTH TOPIC

*Gentille Ntibagirigwa sent a report abou how children who are being raised by widows most of the times grow up without a good education because their mothers have to spend time looking for what to feed their children with and don’t spend enough time with them.

*From Gihembe refugee camp in Byumba, Rwanda, Olivier filed a report in which he talked about how the refugees’ living conditions continue to get worse.


A scene of ex refugee children, now back in their home country Burundi, discussing the question of young girls prostitution. The discussion is based on a girl who got impregnated by the man she was working for and the man kicked her out soon after he found out. The girl was forced then to prostitute herself, even while pregnant, to be able to earn some money to survive and to prepare for her upcoming baby.

But when her friends find out, they encourage her to stop prostitution and offer her their support and help in finding other ways of getting help like humanitarian agencies. These refugee children urge abstinence from sex until they are ready or if they have to, to protect themselves by using condoms.

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