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YOUTH SHOW 11 15 2003 - 2003-11-15


In her report from Burundi, Gentille Ntibagirigwa talked about poor Burundian children who desperately need help so that they can stay in school.

Olivier Isata sent a report saying that even though in Rwanda there is a new program to fight discrimination against children living with Aids, those who live in the Gihembe refugee camp don’t get information about the disease.


Ferdinand Ferella filed a report from Uvira , RDC, about a Burundian refugee child who used to be in a rebel armed group. The child talked about how he was forced to join the group. He talks about how horrible life is for children soldiers and advises any child who might thinking of joining an armed group not to do it.

Olivier Isata sent a report on a new program the African Organization for Peace and Development has. The program’s aim is to help children who do domestic work to plan and prepare for their future.

DRAMA / “NTAKIVURIRA “ Episode 20”

Scene of a refugee child who just got back in his home country. He is faced with the cruel realities of going back home after a long stay in a refugee camp. He has no family left to go to. In the end, the child finds an uncle but only to learn that his father is in prison and his mother was killed.

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