Uko wahagera

YOUTH SHOW  12 07 2003  ENGLISH VERSION - 2003-07-12


I) WHAT’S NEW IN OUR REGION (YOUTH NEWS) * Gentille Ntibagirigwa filed a report on Burundian Youth contribute to bringing back peace in their country by organizing dance competition. * In his report from Kigali, Olivier said that young people who were refugees in Congo don’t any information about sexual transmitted diseases.

II) YOUTH TOPIC * Jean-Baptiste Nimubona sent a report on how organizations that are supposed to help orphans use these orphans in order to get money. *Yvette Umugwaneza talked about children who got seperated from their parents and are living in the Kigeme refugee camps which shelters Burundians refugees. She said that these children seem not to have difficulties.

III) DRAMA Burundi Drama / AMAYAGWA Y’ URWARUKA : Episode 09 * Scene of ex refugee children now back home in Burundi. Some of them have Hiv/Aids and family relatives don’ t want to have them in their homes. These children understand that education is the key to fighting ignorance about Aids and vow to try as hard as they can to get help.

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